“SINCE 1989”



Leading company that provides satisfaction to customers, provide employees with a rich life

Quality Management Policy and Objectives


As a company that buys and supplies stores/provisions/spare parts for ships, we provide the best service to our customers complies with the requirements, and in order to continuously improve the quality management system, Establish and implement management policies and detailed goals as follows.

Management Policies

  •  Thustworthy company
  •  Competitive company
  •  Active improvement in quality of service


  • Constantly strive for self development 
  • We strive for the development of our company with respect and trust. 
  • We will do our best for our customer's satisfaction
  • We will keep our promise to the customers 
  • We provide much more remarkable service

Safety and Health Management Policy and Objectives


All executives and employees of Pung Seng recognize that safety and health management is a key element of all management activities in order to become a global company, and establish and implement management policies and detailed goals as follows.

Management Policies

  • Creating a pleasant working environment
  • Zero accidents


  • Operation of optimal safety and health management system

The company establishes and operates an optimal system for achieving safety and health management policies. In addition, risk factors related to safety and health activities are eliminated and risk reduction measures are established and implemented.

  • Compliance with procedures and regulations

The company identifies and complies with all regulations, procedures, and requirements required for safety and health management activities.

  • Improvement of safety and health management performance

The company establishes and implements procedures to continuously improve safety and health performance, and discover and improve safety and health risk factors throughout all management activities to create a pleasant working environment and achieve zero disaster.

  • Enabling communication

The company strengthens guidance, support, and cooperation for all executives and employees and partners, and establishes an appropriate communication system to actively participate in preventive safety and health improvement activities.

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